Donald R Bernard- A Man of Words

A famed attorney, a former armada commander and an outrageous business tycoon Mr. Donald ray Bernard has jotted down his golden years in a book named “bullion”. The book unleashes some never told stories by the dynamic personality. The book mentions all the events of Mr. Bernard’s life events with changed names. Some twists are also added in the incidences so that the readers are able to thoroughly relish the book.

Mr. Donald has dedicated decades in serving a number of industries in Argentina. He has practiced law and teaching for more than three decades and has now taken retirement from them. He has been a professor at Houston University and international laws. The divine personality has spent years in supporting various charitable institutions. After retirement, he currently owns a ranch at Patagonia premises in Argentina. The golden stag named farm is one of the best ranches in the world. People from various countries come to relish their leisure here. One can enjoy hunting from the wildest species till the most fragile ones. All varieties of wild animals and species can be found by the hunters in this specific ranch.  The big game hunting ranch is also the favorite game spot of Mr Bernard himself!

Mr. Donald R Bernard has also been prized with the title of world`s greatest business tycoon by a national association.  He has been a great ideal for number of people after attending the first delegate of USA & USSR joint held an international conference. Mr. Bernard is a complete blend of knowledge and nobility. Despite of being one of the most famed personalities, he has no room for selfishness in him. He is still a down to earth person and like any other common man he too loves playing a big game, scuba diving, river rafting, fishing, hunting and hiking. His passion for truth and love is clearly manifested in his autobiography which has been launched years back.

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